a greener life with good conscience

About me


I’m Lea, I’m 14 years old and I’ve been vegan since the 9th of April 2017.

I turned vegan almost immediately after I discovered that you can live a better and healthier life, without having to harm other beings. I’m very interested in everything health-related, and I’m always trying to add #extrahealth into my day.

For me, veganism is not about restrictiction, but about expanding your horizon, and trying new, exciting plant-based recipes. Before I became vegan, I never used to spend as much time in the kitchen as I do now – but I’m loving it! And when I finally leave it, then it tends to be pretty messy.

I know it can be hard and challenging to have different dietary preferences, especially when you’re young. Eating out becomes difficultier, sometimes you find yourself in awkward situations and you get asked a ton of questions. But that shouldn’t stop you from choosing a greener lifestyle!

My purpose with this blog is to spread the vegan message of compassion through recipes and information, and to show other teenagers that it’s possible to be vegan, even if you’re the only one in your family, or you know, who’s vegan.

The name “Spirende Veganer” is danish, and means “emerging vegan”. My mom called me that back when I started my vegan journey.

Here I will share all my favourite recipes I come up with, knowledge about topics related to veganism and tips on how to live an even healthier lifestyle.

My goal for my first year of blogging, in 2017, is to improve my recipe-making and photography skills – I’m just getting started!

I will learn as time goes by. It’s all a progress! So if the quality on my blog isn’t perfect yet, well it might not ever get all the way there, but I promise it’ll get closer.

Let’s make this world a better and more empathic place together!