treat yourself

  • The Danish Christmas dessert – made vegan, two ways! Despite being completely dairy-free, this risalamande is non-vegan approved and still just as delicious as it was made traditionally! Today I’m bringing you another Danish Christmas favourite. It isn’t truly Christmas without cream-heavy, dreamy, and delicious risalamande…

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  • My all-time favourite Christmas cookies, vanilla wreaths are easy to make and super crispy, with the most delicious sweet flavour of pure vanilla. Let’s get Christmas baking! I’ve spent a good few afternoons just cooking hundreds of cookies and getting my Christmas spirits high over the past few weeks…

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  • Simple Pear Pie

    by Lea Jacobsen

    This vegan shortcrust pear pie is straightforward, easy to make, and simply delightful. Sweet pears are encased in a buttery soft pastry and baked until perfect tenderness. For pear season, it’s the perfect simple dessert that everyone will enjoy, especially served with a dollop of vegan whipped cream or scoop of vanilla ice cream…

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